Saturday Afternoon

After a long week, a long day. After a long shift, a long drive.. after all that, I was able to sleep in, nestled between the undying love of pets. I was able to have a long conversation in bed with my mother. We went to the Saturday Market, not the size of the one in my home town, but filled with PNW artists and people who care to their core about quality. There was live music that reminded me of a Sunday Afternoon pandora station. The smells of coffee and spices filled the air, and everyone smiled. We went down to the dockside and saw the bay full of boats, milling about like runners warming up for a race. As we drew closer the sounds of auld sea shanties could be heard blaring from speakers. And families watched, in the sun, the smell of the sea. We ordered coffee by people proud to make it by hand, no fancy machines, just age old skill. We drank in the small shop, filled with friendly faces, everyone a stranger, but everyone chatting, no one on their computers or iphones. I strolled down the welcoming sidewalk, everyone going somewhere, but no one in a hurry. In the sun, on this Saturday afternoon, I remember how much I love it here..

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