​Signs you’re getting Older:

When its decided that any outing after 6pm will be done in slippers, and while out you look down to realize you have a tissue hanging out of your pocket, and then after your delicious, orgasmic, spicy soup broth, you find yourself considering buying some Tums…
Hashtag: One Foot in the Grave!


The kindly Mr. And Mrs. Hoskins had been being hassled by the local Mouse Pack Gang. After trying every Cheese in the fridge, it seemed it was time to call in This Guy. 

He had a known history of bringing in some real Snakes, and for never laying a paw on any Bird. 24 hrs on the job and things had already begun to shape up. The first night on the job he had to rough up one of there members, but the local Tea Towel swooped in to clean him up. The Mouse Pack Gang knew he meant business. Mr. And Mrs. Hoskins thanked him with lavish meals, “all in a cat’s work,” he mewed. But just to be safe, he figured hed stick around a few more days, just to be sure. 
His name is, Thumbert *cue heroic music*

Unraveling Bolero

The podcast by Radiolab titled Unraveling Bolero, “a story about obsession, creativity, and a strange symmetry between a biologist and a composer that revolves around one famously repetitive piece of music.” They present two randomly connected cases of progressive aphasia, transmodal creativity and the right posterior neocortex. Super interesting stuff.

Anne Adams – Unraveling Bolero

Whats for Dinner

She may not have left me her wedding dress to one day get married in, and She may not have taught me how to put my own makeup on, but by god, my Mother taught me how to make my Spaghetti Sauce with love!