New addition

That awkward moment when you return home with a new bundle of joy in hand. Big brother Thumbs thought it weird how affectionate you’d been being all morning. Saying words at him in that cooing voice that annoys everyone.

He immediately smells something off when you set the bundle down in the cardboard box containing his old bed and a couple of his long forgotten toys. He spies something perk up from inside the box and his curiosity is peaked. Everyone stops and holds their breath as he cautiously approaches. The smell grows stronger and in a moment, two eyes blink back at him. He rears back with a growl as she opens her mouth to mew at him, but yawns instead.

He jumps away, heads straight for the door demanding his exit, meowing loudly about how unfair this is and how you’re always trying to ruin his life! You tell him you’ll always love him as you watch him stalk off. He’ll be back, and he’ll grow to love his little sister as much as you already do in time..


I admit that I’ve never been one to choose the easy route. I’ve always made my own decisions and faced my own consequences. And its been a long haul. I have dragged myself, hands and knees, blood, sweat, and tears, through the mud, to the top of this life. And I’ve never turned back.

Its been challenging since turning 30. A small number in the grand scheme of things, but the highest one I’ve known. I’ve faced alot. I’ve dealt with alot. And I’ve grown alot.

And it routinely feels like at this point in my young, old life, people keep needing to tell me how to live my life. I can’t turn without feeling the pressure of some wall against me. Yet I am spinning and spinning and everything is still pressing in. I can’t even breath..

Power Ranger

Did a happy, victory air punch for a patient tday. He laughed and called me a Power Ranger. I decided, he had earned the right to one of my deepest, darkest secrets. That at one point in my long, adventurous life, I had actually BEEN a Power Ranger! I showed him this picture to prove it. He smiled with amazement! Alas, time and age forced me to hang my crime fighting spandex. Now, with the twinkle of purple in my eye (if I happen to be wearing my contacts) I save lives in a more socially acceptable outfit. But god damn you Giant Rubber Puppet Monsters, one tentacle out of line, and no pair of tight jeans will stop me kicking ass! …I might just have to go to the chiropractor after…

Super Heroes

We are built of the same stuff Super Heroes are built of. We want to heal the world. We have hearts that care. And though maybe not every battle is meant to be won, we do whatever it is we can. We take stock in the fact that we cared. That for a fraction of a lifetime, if only for that fraction of a lifetime, we gave people moments of compassion. And maybe they have never known one to care for and fight for their future. It is what makes us mighty. We are not given the tools to cure the ails we face every day, but we work with the moments we are given. We invest in their future and show them that they are not alone. They always say to leave work at work, but no one ever says anything about when work leaves you. When that door closes we do not simply shut off. We keep every life we touch, maybe not up front and present, but in the back on a shelf, full of cases, of lives. It is what gives us the strength to keep caring. What drives us to heal the world. What makes us the Super Heroes we are.. And that is something that I truly believe..


My hair is purple. I have a zipper on my neck and two balls on my tongue. I speak fluent sexual innuendo, geekinese, and movie quote. I have an irrational fear of giants, and jellyfish, and most especially giant jellyfish. I prefer knives over flowers, and beer with my icecream. Despite being short, I wear flat soled shoes so I can still sneak up on people. I will feign fear of bugs in order to stroke a male’s ego. I dislike babies because I can’t communicate with them, and they look at me like I’m the freak. I maintain the idea that I will one day get a Freak flag tattooed on the palm of my hand, so that when I receive such looks, I can proudly wave my Freak flag back at them…

Thanks from the dreamer

I sometimes think myself to be alone. Just spouting my words into the ether, to float along for a time unknown. But on occasion, I am reminded that I am not unseen. That You, in fact, are there, reading this now. That, though you may not choose to Like a post, or leave a Comment, that my words do not go unnoticed. And it is You, who approach and Like me in person and Comment to my face, who I am Thanking now. Thank You. Thank You from the bottom of my silly heart. For without your recognition and encouragement, I might have forgotten the dream..