I think I was the only one who held faith that this movie could be something. The way a reporter finds the thread of a story and runs with it until they have found something extraordinary. This movie punched me in the gut, and then took its finger and flicked me in the brain. B.J. Novak is primarily recognized for his role in the sitcom The Office, but he is also a writer and director. This dark comedy was his first movie, both written and directed by him. And it had some of the most thought provoking and beautiful writing.
Everybody knows the growing boom of podcast hosts turned unofficial detectives. Ben Manalowitz, a journalist from New York has dreams of telling the modern Great American Story. His life is loose, girls in his phone named after their hair colour and where they met, rather than by their name. It is the death of one such girl that brings him to rural Texas. Once there, the notion of murder sparks the beginnings of an epic podcast mystery. The sort you’ve likely all listened to at least once.
Epic murder mystery in the armpit of Texas? Beautiful soul searching experience by a hollow man? Or maybe a story for the audience, to make them think, and to feel, and to wonder what it is about life that drives you.

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