Journey of Lentils Challenge

I’ve never really been a fan of lentils. So I thought I’d embark on a Journey of Lentils Challenge.

I tried to be diverse in my recipe choices to get a real rounded picture of lentils.

For the most part, the dishes were great. Just the couple times I made a cooking error..

Masoor Dal – India

Red Lentil Curry


Misir Wot – Ethiopia

Spiced Red Lentils


Fakes – Greece

Greek Lentil Soup


Mercimek Corbasi – Turkey

Turkish Lentil Soup


Poteje se Lentejas – Cuba

Cuban Lentil Soup

(Minus potato)


Mshosh – Armenia

Armenian Lentil Salad


What I discovered?

Lentils really aren’t too bad. Biggest lesson? Cook your lentils in broth. The couple times I straight cooked them in water, the dishes tasted like poop. Not literally… but it seemed that after cooking them in water, there was no real way to impart the lentils with strong flavor. And yes, I made this mistake on the curry, and I am fairly certain the curry shouldn’t taste bland.

I ended up only using Green and Red lentils. Though I have used Yellow once, and Black, which I actually like quite a bit.


(I also ended up making Persian Pomegranate Soup in the middle of this whole challenge. In honour of finishing the book Pomegranate Soup. It utilizes Yellow Lentils.)

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