Of Cucumbers and Tomatoes..

So I bought a Cucumber and some Tomatoes to make some under eye cream. (Sometimes I make my own lotions and things.)

(I know, it looks delicious… My Eye Cream:
Coconut and Almond oil. Cucumber, Tomato, and Potato juice. Green tea, Mint, and Chamomile. A smidge of Coffee.

If nothing else… it smells like a nice day at the Spa.)

The problem is, I only needed a quarter of the Cucumber and maybe 5 Cherry Tomatoes. And I honestly don’t really like Cucumbers or Tomatoes…

Thus begins the effort of choking them down:

Day 1:

Made this huge Greekish Pasta.

Day 2:

Salmon with Tzatziki Sauce and leftover Greekish Pasta Salad.

Day 3:

Lemon and Yoghurt Marinated Chicken Gyros (no tomatoes) and with more Greekish Pasta Salad..

Day 4:

Fresh Tomato Sauce.

For Meatball Subs with leftover Pita Bread.

So it took a while, but I managed to utilize the leftover Cucumber and Tomatoes in a delicious way.

It was kind of an endeavor cuz I had too much Pasta Salad, then I had too much Tzatziki Sauce, then I had too much Pita… but I eventually managed. 😁

Moral? Just buy under eye cream from the store!

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