Hiatus – Vacation from Vacation – Fin 2.0

From the Otherside..

It was like being ferried across the river Styx, only we had a cafeteria. Getting thru customs was a breeze, they even had a drug sniffing dog for oir entertainment while we waited to get thru the line.

I contemplate the trip and realize I didn’t do very well. 1 for 3. 

I did manage to spot a few Canadian geese.

I did not ever encounter this supposed “Canadian bacon” and still maintain it’s an American Pizza company conspiracy just to sell us ham.

And, as far as I know, I never crossed paths with Nathan Fillion. I’m sure I would have felt the undeniable magic in the air if I had…

Alas, the conclusion I draw from all of this, is that clearly, I will need to go back.

Until next time Victoria!

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