The Escape – Day 6

And it was a glorious day..

And we went to the Zoo!


Meerkats doing The Meerkat..

Giraffes being all long and awkward..

Tortie butts and stuff..

Big Cats..

Wild Dogs..

And animals that look dead..

The sun might not have been out in full force..

And we may have travelled to Australia through a raging storm..

Rejuvinated with a Shamrock Shake and a medium Murder Fries..

Did not get a nap..

Dressed up and found a back room in deep Italy..

(Forgot to take pictures. Fresh made Bucatini)

$20 glass of hella delicious Pinot Grisio..

Topped it off with a double scoop of Pomegranate Chip and Chocolate Icecream..

At some point the sun must have come out..

But it was a glorious day..