Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

40th Anniversary

So… I am going to start out by saying that I am sorry I spent money to go see this… Now, don’t get me wrong, Episode VI is my favorite, but this was not what I grew up with.
Return of the Jedi was originally released a few years before I was born, so I did not have the pleasure of seeing it in theaters in all it’s glory. I grew up watching it over and over on VHS. Full trilogy pack, baby.
What I DID get to see in theaters was a travesty! Some gawd awful added special effects and garbage. This, an attempt to reignite the passion, I am sure. I was 11, and I can still remember finding it horrible.
A 40th anniversary only comes once, and yet I just spent some ten or so dollars to see the version that came out 25 years ago… I will say that in my disappointment I got up and did something I can honestly say I have never done… I left the theater and bought some popcorn…

(Also take note of the fact that it was  rereleased AFTER it’s actual anniversary, and will be leaving BEFORE national Star Wars Day.)

Okay, but in reality… all you young men who think Episode III is the greatest episode of all time. (Yes, I am talking to You.) Becauae it was the first rated PG-13 episode. Who cares?! You think the iconic Leia costume didn’t get 12 year olds a little hot in the pants? And how can you hate on one of the greatest creatures ever created, the Ewoks? Okay, yes, they had a spin off movie that nobody remembers… except apparently me. (Dude with a magic stick?) But Episode VI has everything. A reasonable love story that doesn’t make you want to puke in your mouth a little. Lightsaber action scene with lost limbs. Speaking of “loss,” loss. Epic characters like Lando, who was such a hero to me, in my refrigerator box space ship, I answered to Commando Lando. (Don’t mock, I didn’t yet know what “commando” meant.) And literally every character is a strong character (except Jabba, who was killed by a woman in a sexy outfit.)

Episode VI is the culmination of everything. It is the ultimate Good vs Evil show down, that ends in death, explosions, and dancing. What, I ask you, can be better than this?

(Except Rogue One. But we have a few years more before it reaches 40.)